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Video Game Name Generator ! 05/01/2008

Unable to find a suitable name for your brand new videogame?

Don't Panic! Here comes the Video Game Name Generator!


It's a little flash application which can generate random videogame names after a large list of existing titles. Be asured that you'll obtain a kickass sounding name such as "Sleepy Jetpack Apocalypse", "In Search of Lawnmover Bandit", "Deep Space Dungeon in Toyland" or "Unreal Princess Rage".

However the best of all will remain... "Maximum Badminton Dungeon" !


Who want to launch a game design contest with a theme generated by this application?

Top ten : best consoles of history 04/01/2008

Our friends from GameTrailers.com are presenting their "best 10 videogames consoles ever made" countdowns in video :



The selected consoles are indeed great consoles, but I personnaly disagre with their ranking : How in this world could N64 and GBA be considered better consoles than the first GameBoy ?


Anyway, here is my own top ten :

  1. Nintendo N.E.S.
  2. Atari VCS 2600
  3. Nintendo Game Boy
  4. Sony Playstation
  5. Super Nintendo
  6. Sony Playstation 2
  7. Sega Megadrive
  8. Nintendo DS
  9. Sega Dreamcast
  10. SNK Neogeo

Game Design Competition - JayIsGames 03/01/2008

The greatest website dedicated to casual and web games, JayIsGames , is proud to annouce the fifth edition of their Game Design Competition.


JayIsGames Game Design Competion #5


You have until march 3rd, 2008 to create the best Flash game on the following theme : "UPGRADE".

Three Flash CS3 licences to win, alongside with 8000$ cash prizes for winners !


Full details on the official site

Happy New Year ! 01/01/2008

I wish you an Happy New Year !

JIGorbit 05/12/2007

A tiny dexterity game, created for the third Game Design Competition run by JayIsGames.


This game has won the special prize of the most creative use of the site logo which was composed by... a brand new Wii !




Creatures 06/11/2007

Created with Flash, this "artificial creature" has one purpose in life: to talk with its siblings.

Alongside from a basic relationship memory, each creatures express its global mood by its shape and colour.
This mood is defined by three parameters: happiness, anger and loneliness.

This global mood will also drive the behaviour of each creature, ranging from talking badly to move towards its favourite friends.


Press the top "+" button several to create a bunch of random creatures and watch them "living"... You can also create/edit your own defined creature thanks to the bottom buttons.

Liquid Colors 11/10/2007

A color-mixing based puzzle.


Using a color mixing pattern inspired by oil painting, you have to clevely mix fluid colors, by creating or removing "barriers". These barriers will prevents to colors to mix themselves.

The aim of the puzzle is to fill the bottom-right square with violet.


Created for the "JaysisGames Game Design Competition #1"

Disco hit my keyboard 22/09/2007

Your keyboard is a dancefloor !

Follow the flashlights by pressing the according key, and let the groove runs though your veins !


Disco is still alive !

Makoto 02/09/2007

From the game "Street Fighter III". Based on an artwork by Falcoon.

Catherine Zeta-jones 02/09/2007

Catherine Zeta-jones
Portrait of Catherine Zeta-jones

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