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Voxelstein 3D

A voxel-based remake of Wolfenstein 3D


Voxelstein 3D



The nice feature about this game is that it allows you to litteraly cut trough anything: you can use your knife (or bombs !) to dig holes into the walls... or into the enemies !


The idea was previously used in the Red Faction game, but was poorly used through the game after a first "technical demo" level...

Here, the author used the digging idea in some interesting ways...


By the way, this game is fueled by the "Voxlab " engine, created bu the famous Ken Silverman who also created the awesome "Build Engine " that was used several years ago by the classical games Duke Nukem 3D , Redneck Rampage and Blood .


Play it from the official Voxelstein 3D website.