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Far Cry - The Movie

Uwe Boll, the talented movie director of the crappiest videogame adaptations ever made, proudly present the first trailer of his new masterpiece : Far Cry, based on the famous videogame by Crytek.


As the videogame takes place on a tropical island, the movie was logically shot in Canada, a well-known tropical country. The trailer obviously shows that "Far Cry - the movie" will features every mistake attached to previous Uwe Boll movies, namely  "House of the Dead", "Alone in the dark", "Bloodrayne" and "In the name of the King : a Dungeon Siege tale".
Aware of his unique talent, the videogaming community made a brilliant homage to Uwe Boll through a petition to ask him to stop any activity related to movies and videogames .
Apart from his obvious lack of any artistic skill, I do recognize that Uwe Boll also shows poor tastes when it comes to pick a videogame suitable for a movie adaptation. The best example of this is undoubtly "House of the Dead", a movie based on an arcade zombie-shooting videogame.
By-the-way, I warmly recommend you to watch this movie, as it deserve eternal glory for being the only film on earth to feature videogame images INSIDE the action sequences of the movie, without any sort of transition :

Hence, if any talented movie director feel like to adapt a videogame into a GOOD movie, he or she  shouldn't hesitate. After all, one will never be able to create such lame adaptations as Mr Boll's ones...